About Made in a Fab Lab

The Manifesto

The Made in a Fab Lab Manifesto was created for and by makers, biohackers and whoever else wants to promote self-made products that can be produced globally with a sustainable approach.

Anybody can use the Manifesto as a guideline for creating and distributing products locally in a Fab Lab or Makerspace.

The Brand

Made in a Fab Lab is an atypical brand, created by Francisco Sanchez, available as open-source to anyone who wants to make and sell products built according to the principles of the Made in a Fab Lab Manifesto.

This way your product can gets immediately recognised as carrying the values of ethical and sustainable local production from a global design.

But you also help us increase the awareness on this topic and prove that much can be still done using the power of the Fab Lab Network.

Download the logo in PNG format

If you use this logo in your product, please send us a link and pictures so we can include it in the showcase below!